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Maintaining That General Sense of Accomplishment & July Goals

My original goal for this blog was to do at least one recipe post a week, but then Toronto finally got proper summer weather, and all I wanted to consume were potato chips and ice cream and wine.

goals post goals post

(oh and I also ate some donuts from the newly opened Jelly Modern. The smores one was especially good!)

So instead, let’s talk about goals!

I read this Door Sixteen post on goals, and it’s one of the few things she wrote that I didn’t really relate to (although I do relate to her lack of career ambition) (but seriously, Anna is the best. Read her “It’s OK” post for further proof of this). I am SUCH a goals person. And actually, so is Will, which is why we go so well together. I once told him that he’s basically “goals wrapped in gingham” and he said it was his favourite thing anyone had said about him!

to do list

(this is the nightly to-do list of a person who likes to plan)

The year before I turned 26, I did a 26 things before 26 list, and ended up accomplishing almost all the things on my list. And it felt great. And it also feels great to be able to go back and look at the list and realize how much I got done just because I wrote it down and convinced myself to do it. This year I did a 13 things in 2013 list, but I’m totally lagging on it right now. I did manage to pay off my overdraft (goal #11!), but I’m kind of ignoring the other ones.

So I’d like to start posting my monthly goals here. I think it keeps me a lot more accountable. Plus, even this this is mainly a space to talk about food, I want to talk about other parts of life too, and goals and life planning is one side of that! (not to mention, an embarrassing number of my goals this month are food-related. Oops!)

  1. Check Value Village for old frames for a chalkboard project
  2. Make apple pancakes
  3. Call about making changes to my internet service
  4. Start practicing the family dance for my sister’s wedding in August
  5. Go strawberry picking
  6. Go to a comedy show (Will has a groupon for this!)
  7. Go on a haunted tour (ditto)
  8. Sew too-big Joe Fresh t-shirt
  9. Stick to new allowance (since I’m trying to pay my debt off faster)
  10. Make sangria (I have so much homemade wine to use for this!)

goals post goals post

(shirt for #8 is picture here, on the far right. And an additional goal for some other month: watch all the Babysitters Club episodes that recently showed up on Netflix!)

July is turning into a busy month already, so I’ve got to get started on these this weekend! Hopefully the first thing will be strawberry picking, since I don’t want to miss their short season AGAIN this year.


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