Tiny felt mittens!

tiny mittens tiny mittens

Let’s all make some tiny felt mittens to hang on our trees or our tiny wooden dinosaurs!

Up until last week, Will and I had never gone on a movie date before. I know. To be fair, we have seen a movie together… with his entire family. It was just that in all the early days of dating where you are always searching for activities to do together, we never once thought of going to a movie. But when Will texted me on last Monday to ask if I was up for seeing Frozen, I was like, “Um, obviously!” I love me a good kids movie. And Frozen was a great kids movie. Early reviews I’d read had suggested that the movie was sexist or cliché, but I found it was very much about the bond you have with your sister, like how Brave was about mother/daughters relationships. I love that Disney is focusing more on family stories and getting away from the cliché romances.

After the movie, I was so full of holiday spirit that when we got home I did a little crafting. First I taught Will how to sew a button that had fallen off his shirt:
This was a real win for feminism (as someone hilariously commented on my instagram photo of this, “Sew long patriarchy!”).

And then I decided to make my annual ornament. Every year I try to make something for the tree so that little by little it gets more decorated and more personal. Last year it was these little felt birds:

And this year I made wee mittens! I feel like these barely merit instructions because they’re very quick and easy, but here’s a quick tutorial!

tiny mittens
You’ll need:

  • felt
  • coloured thread (or embroidery floss, but I find floss a bit tricky to sew with on something so tiny)
  • buttons!
  • mini clothespins

I bought all of these supplies at the dollar store, which makes this for easy and cheap!

tiny mittens
First, draw your template. We all know what mittens look like, right? It took me a few tries before I got one that looked right.

tiny mittens
Next, cut out the paper mitten shape and pin it to the felt. You could also just trace around the paper onto the felt, but then you’ll have to be good about getting away all the marker. I just cut around the felt using the template. Repeat for the second half of the mitten.

tiny mittens
Sew a button onto one of the mitten halves. Then hold the two sides together and do a blanket stitch around them. There’s a tutorial here… and this is a great way to practice blanket stitch since if you mess up, you can just cut it out and start again!

There you go! Now you have a tiny mitten. And there are so many different things you can do with them! You can use the little clothespin to clip a bunch of them to a string and have a garland, like I did below.
tiny mittens
Or you could have a tiny fingertip mitten:
tiny mittens

They were so easy that I even convinced Will to make a few of his own. Can you guess which one is his?
tiny mittens

Look at those sewing skills! I must be a good teacher if I can teach someone who hates crafts how to make cute little mittens.

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