Sunday morning cinnamon buns

I’m trying to write a biography for this here blog and it’s strangely hard. Writing about yourself, eugh. I do have an amazing photo that illustrates how long I’ve been cooking though. It was from an article about my parents’ environmentalism (You can tell we lived in a boring city when caring about the environment was big news).The caption says “Cam and his daughter Nicole, 6, prepare a vegetarian dinner for the family.” I swear that I can remember having this photo taken, even though it was oh, two decades ago.

cinnamon buns

So there you have it, I’ve been grating cheese for at least 21 years now!

cinnamon buns

The nice thing about cooking for so long is that you start to look for recipes outside your comfort zone. I always find yeast bread recipes a little intimidating, so I mainly stick with pizza dough. But yesterday someone posted a photo of sticky buns on Instagram and I was immediately inspired. I’d pinned Dinner with Julie’s ultimate sticky buns recipe when she posted it last week,  and I just happened to have all the ingredients already. I won’t post the recipe here since my rule is that I’ll only repost a recipe if I make at least a couple changes to it and I followed hers to the letter. They were perfect – Will said they were the best cinnamon buns he’d ever had! – so just follow her recipe. Mine aren’t quite as pretty as hers, but pretty good for a first try! 

cinnamon buns

A few notes:

  • I used honey instead of the corn syrup because I never have corn syrup in the house, and it was fine. Sometimes I find honey overpowering when used as a full sweetener, but it just lent a nice stickiness
  • After I’d formed the buns, I covered them in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge overnight. Before I baked them, I covered them with a tea towel and let them hang out near our radiator to warm up again.

cinnamon buns

  • They do rise quite a lot, so don’t worry if they look a little sparse when you first put them in the pan!
  • Since it makes two pans, I covered and froze one, so next time I want them in the morning, I’ll just thaw them in the fridge overnight and bake them first thing

cinnamon buns

  • The dough was quite easy to work with. The only tricky bit was incorporating the softened butter into the dough, but I just kneaded it on my counter until it was evenly distributed in the dough.

Now that I’ve got sticky buns figured out, I’ve going to try some other kind of sweet bread. Maybe one of those braided breads with jam in the centre? Yum!

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