pamplemoussi's pips

pamplemoussi’s pips, volume iii

Wow, the third Friday in a row that I’ve managed to keep this up! Three times makes it pretty official, in my books.

So last weekend was Family Day here, and I planned to do a lot of cooking and baking and then I did… none. To be fair, we had some out of town guests, so we did what you do with guests and acted like tourists. Lots of eating in pubs and having brunch in restaurants where they put whipped cream on everything. My favourite part of the weekend was definitely going to the new aquarium that opened up right by the CN Tower. There were glowing walls of jellyfish and tanks were you could pet little sharks and horseshoe crabs, but my favourite part was the tunnel where you stand on a moving walkway and sharks swim RIGHT OVER YOU.

Aquarium! Aquarium!
Oh and there was also a blue lobster. Look at him! He’s beautiful!


My sister is travelling around California right now (lucky duck) and she’s been sending me amazing photos of stuff she was tempted to buy me, including some realty hilarious cat statues. And then she sent me this:

WHAT?!?! Garlic cheese bread CHIPS? American friends, you’ve been holding out on me for not telling me these exist. It looks like they’ll the equivalent of the “pick your flavor” contest that Canadian Lays also had… but ours were so gross. Maple moose tasted like campfire, the caesar salad tasted like sour cream and onion chips that were slightly off and even the most promising ones, the pierogies were just more salty than flavourful. My fingers are crossed that my sister brings these ones back for me so I can try them!

I’ve got a post about peanut butter brownies coming soon, but I almost made Deb’s chocolate peanut butter cheesecake instead. Just look at those delicious layers! I will definitely make it for the next birthday around here.

Lastly, so my dad sends me Onions articles all the time, which is funny enough on its own, but this video he sent about Netflix’s new plan is PERFECT. That is exactly how I watch Netflix. Too many choices paralyzes me!

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