pamplemoussi's pips

pamplemoussi’s pips, volume v

It’s back! I’m bring pamplemoussi’s pips back! Mainly because it gives me an excuse to post this photo in a food blog:

pips vol v

That’s the boy I got engaged to in May! Cute, right? I love how classy this photo shoot turned out. Plus it happened in a nice ravine by our apartment that we’ve spent a lot of time exploring. Our photographer did such a good job – his name is Kam Mudhar at Flashing Lights Photo + Design and he’s so much fun to work with!

OK, onto the actual food things.

pips vol v
What have I been up to in the past little while? Well, last week I added some googly eyes to a carrot because it already had arms and legs.

pips vol v
Almost as good as the time I added googly eyes to a red pepper. I have a lot of googly eyes laying around, is what I’m saying.


The number one thing on my to-make list is this amazing looking one-pot french onion pasta. Oh mannnn. And the second thing on my to-make list is any kind of tomato-related pasta. Basically August is going to be a month of pasta.


Lastly, I recently had a craving for this stuff:
cheese dip
Naturally I gave in, because delicious. And then I remembered The Queso Dip Consumption Ritual Between Female Roommates, which is hilariously accurate. My sister and I definitely had an unspoken agreement that someone had to buy queso dip about one every six months. And we would eat it while watching the Kardashians and it would be the best. That McSweeneys! I also enjoy their Reviews of New Food, which is a good place to discover new American junk food.

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