pamplemoussi's pips

pamplemoussi’s pips, volume vi

It’s been a stressful week, right? So here’s a penguin celebrating the small things in life:

Take five steps, hooray!

In salt news, I was excited to learn that there are suggestions that Health Canada’s salt recommendations are too low, because I’m a pretty healthy eater, but I always feel like I eat way more salt that they suggest. I like flavour! Eating at macrobiotic restaurants makes me realize how much I miss salt when it isn’t there!

chips chips chips chips chips chips

In exciting tiny pizza news, President’s Choice makes these tiny naans that are so perfect for mini pizzas. Like, we have eaten them twice in a row this week because they were that good. I bought them to use as burger buns, and they’re pretty good for that, nice and non-doughy. But as tiny pizzas, they are life changing.

And on the side, Smitten Kitchen’s zucchini chips. Again. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

chips chips chips
Speaking of chips, Lays has another flavour contest which is SO EXCITING to me. The jalapeño mac n’ cheese one is quite good! It’s noticeably spicy and the cheese flavour isn’t too fake. It reminds me a lot of the winning American flavour, the garlic cheese bread one.

chips chips chips
And I may have bought two other flavours to try soon! I’m so excited to try the cinnamon bun ones, I feel like I’ll either loath them or become obsessed and end up buying every single bag in Toronto. There’s also a bacon poutine one, but even when meat-flavoured chips don’t have any actual meat in them, they kinda weird me out.

I realize that this post makes it seem like I just lay around, cramming potato chips into my mouth and ignoring any and all healthy food guidelines. I mean, I do. I totally do. But I promise that I work out and eat lots of green veggies to balance that side of myself!

photo (1)
Lastly, this is my weekend plan: making my own veil! I spent $9 on supplies to hopefully avoid spending almost $100 (!!!!) for something small and simple!

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