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29 things before 29

Today is my 28th birthday!

Does anyone else get really nostalgic about birthdays? For me it’s probably partially because my birthday happens right before school starts, another super nostalgic time for me. I kind of treat fall as my new year, so I basically do my version of new years resolutions in the fall.

This will actually be my second age-based goal list. I started my first one after I went through a breakup right before my 25th birthday. It wasn’t a particularly bad breakup, but it kind of forced me to figure out who I was and what I wanted. Getting dumped meant I suddenly had a lot of time on the weekend that I hadn’t had before. And rather than sit around feeling sorry for myself, I wrote a massive list of everything I wanted to do in the next year, and then I went out and did them.
26 things recap  26 things recap  26 things recap
26 things recap  26 things recap  26 things recap
I went bowling. I wore lipstick to work. I got new glasses, a new phone and a vacuum. I went out for brunch with someone I only knew from tumblr. I went swimming. I walked 15km in one day. I tried hot yoga. And I finally bought which inspired me to start this blog!

And now I’m starting a new list!

pamplemoussi’s 29 things before 29

  1. write 100 posts here
  2. volunteer somewhere
  3. get my wisdom teeth out
  4. make cheese (ricotta counts!)
  5. go rock climbing (indoor, obviously)
  6. have an article published somewhere online
  7. sew a blouse
  8. make spicy black bean hummus (inspired by a yummy spread at Nu Bügel)
  9. go swimming in a large body of water
  10. get three massages (I gotta use all that insurance money!)
  11. buy a filing cabinet for office
  12. do one proper push up (currently I can do zero, sooooo)
  13. get my eyes tested
  14. clean out linen dresser (use vintage pillowcases for quilt?)
  15. drag some friends to a weekend getaway at my parents farm
  16. make a gallery wall (maybe I’ll do the $20 version from Back to Her Roots!)
  17. clean out iPhoto (so many duplicates!)
  18. take a full week off with Will
  19. get a new phone
  20. save $1000 in an emergency fund
  21. print and save all my blog recipes to hard copy
  22. leave the country (even if it’s just to the states)
  23. get married (admittedly, this one’s a bit cheaty)
  24. make another quilt (this baby one was so cute, I want to make a little lap quilt for myself)
  25. buy a new sewing machine
  26. buy a new hairdryer
  27. clean out iTunes (maybe my computer is slow because I have music from high school on it)
  28. make delicious bread (I’ve made bread it was just… less than delicious)
  29. sand and stain my front hall bench

So there we go. 365 days to get all of these done!

(When I originally started writing these, I put it as “28 goals before 28”, not realizing that I was actually turning 28 in two days. Age really sneaks up on you, eh?)

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