pamplemoussi's pips

pamplemoussi’s pips, volume vii

It’s Friiiiiday!

(DUPSTEP CAT aka the funniest 23 seconds of your life)

And I’ve (almost) survived the back to school week, so I’m pretty sure it just gets easier from here.

pips vol vii

So I mentioned to my mom that I keep pre-chopped carrots and celery in my freezer to add to soups and such, and she told me I needed to blog about it, so! Next time you are chopping carrots and celery for soup (or in my case, next time your parents give you some fresh veggies from their farm!), cut more than you need and throw the extras in a labeled freezer bag. Now you’re two thirds of the way to mirepoix next time you make soup!

pips vol vii pips vol vii

Toronto has been especially beautiful lately, except heyyyy who said the leaves could change colour already? I’m not ready for this.

pips vol vii

Toronto also has a lot of amazing chalkboard signs, and this one is my favourite. Oh Not Sure If Fry, one of the better memes out there!

Speaking of Futurama, the other night we watched I Know That Voice on Netflix and it was so interesting putting a face to various cartoon voices. Fry, the Professor and Zoidberg are all the same voice actor! The voice of Winnie the Pooh does not look anything like a cartoon bear!

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