Cherry Pecan Granola

cherry pecan granola

It’s funny to be posting another granola recipe when a granola was my first post ever! This is basically the same recipe but with two notable differences: different add ins and it only yields half as much. I like my granola really fresh, and when it’s so easy to make, why not just make smaller batches more often?

My grocery store recently re-added a bulk section which is so perfect for recipes like this. Now I just just buy 1 cup at a time, instead of ending up with a giant supply of dried fruit that I would never use! I picked cherries and pecans just because those are two of my favourite add ins, but as I was digging the vanilla out of my spices, I looked longingly at the pumpkin pie spice. Another time!

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Toddler-Approved Baked Tofu

baked tofu
No one warned me about how frustrating feeding babies and toddlers would be. Sure, it’s not the most frustrating part of babies (that would be the lackΒ of sleep, for sure), but food is basically my love language. Every time my son throws all the wonderful food I’ve made him on the floor, I feel like he’s rejecting me and my pasta/casserole/zuchini chips too.

And add in the fact that his daycare wants me to send a meat alternative everyday and siiiigh I’m already tired of feeding him and I’m going to be doing it for the next 18+ years. Blerg.

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