Tiny felt mittens!

tiny mittens tiny mittens

Let’s all make some tiny felt mittens to hang on our trees or our tiny wooden dinosaurs!

Up until last week, Will and I had never gone on a movie date before. I know. To be fair, we have seen a movie together… with his entire family. It was just that in all the early days of dating where you are always searching for activities to do together, we never once thought of going to a movie. But when Will texted me on last Monday to ask if I was up for seeing Frozen, I was like, “Um, obviously!” I love me a good kids movie. And Frozen was a great kids movie. Early reviews I’d read had suggested that the movie was sexist or cliché, but I found it was very much about the bond you have with your sister, like how Brave was about mother/daughters relationships. I love that Disney is focusing more on family stories and getting away from the cliché romances.

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Nearly-Edible Beeswax Lip Balm

lip balm

Did anyone else go through a real obsession with diy beauty as a teen? For me it started with teen magazines. they were full of the standard recipes: avocado face mask! egg hair mask! (gross) soothing oatmeal bath! (always resulting in massive cravings for oatmeal afterwards). One time I found a recipe for lip balm that was basically just beeswax and olive oil. And it turned out amazing!

I used to use the beeswax you can buy as candle making supplies at any craft store, and that seemed to work ok. This time I lucked out when my parents asked their beekeeper friends if they had any spare beeswax and they did! So not only is this the purest beeswax I’ve ever used, but I basically know the bees who made it.

I‘ve played around with different colours and flavours over the years, but since my aim in this is to make something super natural and almost edible, I wanted to avoid anything too chemical. After all, isn’t there a statistic that women consume something like four pounds of lipstick in their lifetime? Gross.

One of my early attempts at flavouring was adding pixie stix to it, which was good in theory (and still edible!) but very gritty in practice. The lip balm is actually lovely with just beeswax and oil, it has a slight honey flavour and smell to it. This time I used a bit of peppermint essential oil and it’s quite nice and not overpowering. That, by the way, is a direct quote from my dad, who is obsessed with my lip balm and sent me numerous harassing emails demanding I make him some more!

lip balm 101 lip balm 101

lip balm 101 lip balm 101

Nearly-Edible Beeswax & Coconut Lip Balm

Melt in a double boiler:

  • 8 teaspoons coconut oil (or olive oil)

  • 4 teaspoons beeswax (as finely chopped as you can get)

When it’s melted down to a liquid, add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil. Pour into tins and allow to harden.

Reusing old lip balm containers will work fine, but if you really want to up your adorableness game, you buy these adorable metal tins here. So cute, right? If I was craftier I would have designed a label for them, but alas, I don’t even own a printer.