Tiny felt mittens!

tiny mittens tiny mittens

Let’s all make some tiny felt mittens to hang on our trees or our tiny wooden dinosaurs!

Up until last week, Will and I had never gone on a movie date before. I know. To be fair, we have seen a movie together… with his entire family. It was just that in all the early days of dating where you are always searching for activities to do together, we never once thought of going to a movie. But when Will texted me on last Monday to ask if I was up for seeing Frozen, I was like, “Um, obviously!” I love me a good kids movie. And Frozen was a great kids movie. Early reviews I’d read had suggested that the movie was sexist or cliché, but I found it was very much about the bond you have with your sister, like how Brave was about mother/daughters relationships. I love that Disney is focusing more on family stories and getting away from the cliché romances.

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